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D&A Group is an established global brand offering highly specialized Capital Market and Financial advisory solutions to the clients facing critical business events and financial transactions where significant value is at stake. We have nurtured businesses from the  nascent stage  and scaled them as mature market leaders.

Our experts provide comprehensive financial/secretarial/legal/procedural  support and services spanning Capital Market (IPO/FPO/Open Offer/Qualified Institutional Placement/Buy Back/ Delisting etc), Debt Syndication, Business Financial Modelling, Securities Law Advisory , Corporate Restructuring , Business Valuations, ESOP Advisory, SPAC, divestitures, Project Finance, Public Private Partnership services and Business Strategy reviews.

We are the preferred choice for large corporates, startups and diverse mid segment industries at various stages of their business growth. We seamlessly link operations, improve performance and create value to support  companies in turning areas of stagnation into growth and achieve sustainable results

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business


Offering Outstanding Investment Banking & Corporate Financial Services

Top Rated Merchant Banking Company

( Source: Prime Securities Rankings.)

Unique Capabilities Combination

We bring unique combinations of capabilities together in our team: financial advisory professionals, registered valuers, business analysts, accountants, and management consultants.

Tailor-made Solutions

Offering a wide array of services and tailor-made financial solutions, Our operational heritage provides rapid diagnosis, exacting action, and practical solutions.

Trusted for More 13+ Years

Trusted by conglomerates across the globe for more than 13 years, We take pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Large Network for Seamless Execution

Strong association with various industry chambers and a global presence for seamless execution.

Rich & Diversified Experience

We have rich and diversified experience in all major types of corporate financial and strategic transaction deals.