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Innovation Project Funding

D&A FSPL funds projects that boost innovation and competitiveness in the Indian business sector and lead to commercial and sustainable development.

We define innovation as: new products, services, markets, processes or organizational models that create financial benefits or are otherwise of value to society. This calls for a broad approach to innovation, whereby there may be a number of sources of innovation and a number of types of innovation. We are also keen to encourage innovation in all industries and sectors, including in public administration.

D&A FSPL Innovation funds projects that directly or indirectly lead to commercial use and meet the following criteria:

  • the project must include partners form
  • the project must be at least 25% self-financed (either in form of working hours or direct funding)
  • the project period must not exceed 60 months
  • the project must lead to concrete results (new concept, product or service) that may be communicated and shared on an Indian and international level.

The project should be based on national priorities and initiatives and should relate to other or international projects and activities.

A project should demonstrate genuine originality, create new contacts and promote emergence of new markets.

Many projects are based on a call for proposals published on our web site. In addition we also finance projects that come from an independent application not based on a call.

How to apply
Unless otherwise specified in the call text, the application follows a two-step process.

  • First step is to send an Expression of Interest with a brief description of the project idea.
  • After approval a full application must be completed in order to gain project funding.

In order to submit either an expression of interest (simple application) or a full application you need to use specific forms that shall be sent upon requirement.

Standard agreement

This is an agreement for innovation projects.

The agreement is designed for a project that is already clearly described in a full application. The project leader must fill in all relevant data based on the information in the full application.

Guiding documents
The contract documentation for the project agreements includes the general terms and conditions and annexes. These annexes are:

  • Annex 1: Project deliveries
  • Annex 2: Project participants
  • Annex 3: Economy
  • Annex 4: Milestone plan
  • Annex 5: Special terms and conditions
  • Annex 6: Cooperation agreements

Cooperation agreement (CA)
The contract is not valid until all sections of the agreement have been completed, which includes all project participants signing the cooperation agreement.

The project consortium is committed to establish a cooperation agreement that governs the projectís internal conditions essential for project implementation.

The cooperation agreement should reflect the project organization, the consortium's duties and responsibilities, as well as the consortium's rights to results of the project

General terms and conditions (GTC)
The general terms and conditions apply to contracts between D&AFSPL Innovation and projects in which one or more participants have received grants, IF ANY.

If any agreement is made that deviates from the general terms and conditions, the annexes to the contract shall note so. In such cases the annexes shall take precedence over the general terms and conditions.

Note that we do not fund:

  • Basic research
  • Marketing
  • Investments in individual companies
  • Independent freelance activities
  • Writing applications